Brazilian national mainstream media reported our cooperation achievement with the University of Sao Paulo
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The Brazilian national mainstream media "O Estado de S. Paulo" and "Valor Econômico" recently conducted a special report on the English version of bookChina-Brazil Agriculture and Food Security Partnershipjointly published by China Agricultural University (CAU) and the University of São Paulo(USP) in Brazil. The media spoke highly of it as " the most comprehensive work on the relationship between China and Brazil in the field of agricultural food in present." Dozens of Brazilian media such as the Brasilagro, Instituto Millenium, Agro Revenda and etc. have also re-twitted the report above. Nearly 10,000 viewers followed this achievement on the YouTube, attracting widespread attention in Brazil.

President SUN Qixin, and President Agopyan of University of São Paulo in Brazil, were invited to write the book’s forewords. Rodrigues, Brazilian former Minister of Agriculture, and Chair Prof. FAN Shenggen of CAU, co-wrote the book’s preface. This book was listed as the annual key work of the "China-Brazil Agricultural Innovation Center" during President SUN’s visit at University of Sao Paulo last year, with special support from CAU’s Belt and Road Initiative and South-South cooperation project. In the forewords SUN noted that is it’s highly complementary in the China-Brazil agricultural cooperation. This book is the witness of high-level collaboration between China Agricultural University and the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil, which are the two leading agricultural universities in both countries. We are both optimistic about the prospects of two countries’ cooperation in agricultural education, science and technology. Thus, we’ll continue the bilateral commitment in experience communication, achievement sharing and mutual prosperity of development.

President Agopyan also noted in the foreword that this book contains in-depth analysis from experts in both universities regarding the strategic importance in various fields of agriculture between China and Brazil, which provides crucial references not only for the further study of China-Brazil relations, but also for the opportunity to seize and expand the bilateral cooperation.

The bookChina-Brazil Agriculture and Food Security Partnershipis consisted of 12 chapters. 6 of them were written by the research team led by Prof. GUO Pei from CAU, and the rest were completed by USP team led by Prof. Barros from Esalq. The book is currently the most comprehensive academic one in the field of agricultural research between China and Brazil, with a in-depth analysis of the evolution of two countries’ agriculture and agricultural policies, and discussions on key issues such as trade, infrastructure, investment, innovation, and sustainable development in the bilateral relationship.

The University of Sao Paulo, founded in 1934, is the world’s leading comprehensive university in Latin America, with a global ranking of 128thand 8thin the agricultural discipline according to the 2020 US News & World Report. University of Sao Paulo is a member of the World's Top Agricultural University Alliance (A5) , and member of the Belt and Road/South-South Cooperation Agricultural Education, Science and Technology Innovation League, both of which were initiated by CAU. This book is the result of China-Brazil Agricultural Innovation Center, which was jointly established in 2018 to further promote collaboration between CAU and USP.

Here is the download link for the book:

China-Brasil Partnership in Agriculture and Food Security (Final Version 03June2020).pdf